Primary Makerspace/ Science Teacher

Primary Makerspace/ Science Teacher

Full Time, Permanent

About Us

Founded by educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers, Bloom KKCA Academy provides an innovative G1-6 bilingual, project-based education. From a NASA engineer to a certified forest school educator, our teachers are what make Bloom special. Our approach is to look past conventional expectations to attend to the child in front of us, the whole child, full of unique potential. Our bilingual curriculum (English and Putonghua) combines a project-based approach with research-based, academically rigorous programs. Our founding team shares an intense passion for changing the way education prepares students for the future. We have led academic programs at top local and international schools on five continents, and we are excited to bring those diverse perspectives to building Bloom KKCA Academy. Learn more at (

Position Overview

Effective teachers who continually learn and set high expectations are the key to student academic and holistic success. In addition to the traditional roles excellent teachers assume outside of the typical school day, a Bloom KKCA Academy teacher is also expected to embrace the exciting responsibilities and challenges of starting a new school. The candidate must have proven teaching ability and be able to act as a pedagogical leader as the program grows.

The Makerspace/Science teacher is responsible for enhancing the teaching, learning and assessing of science and our unique “Explore, Create, Share” (ECS) course in order to improve student achievement and raise the quality of instruction. ECS is a thematic, inquiry-based course that combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with social studies. It teaches the design thinking process and uses the school Makerspace as the main learning space, allowing students to tinker, experiment, and make connections as they create projects. S/he will require a deep and broad knowledge of STEM content and pedagogical expertise in  helping students learn actively, creatively, and safely in the makerspace and in the larger community. The Makerspace/Science teacher will co-develop the ECS curriculum, design and innovate maker activities and support the implementation of the curriculum including  coaching other teachers in effective primary science and ECS instruction.

The Makerspace/Science teacher will also teach and work to support our STEM program. Bloom KKCA Academy’s STEM program features standards-based learning, curriculum localization through incorporating topical events, problem-based learning. We design pathways for students to explore different STEM fields and occupations.  Our STEM program embraces the true spirit of an innovator as we design open-ended  experiments and learning experiences with Hong Kong as the backdrop and experimental ground. In our projects, students collect raw data and contribute original knowledge to the scientific community, acting as citizen activists. We believe the power of science transforms human lives, and leveraged by technology and engineering, equips us to solve pressing human problems.

Reports To

  • Founder and Head of School
  • Principal
  • Director of STEM Program

Teaching & Learning

  • Teach ECS and science as a living subject relevant to current issues and problems
  • Co-develop ECS curriculum in alignment with Bloom KKCA Academy’s STEM curriculum
  • Collaborate with teachers in different subjects to co-create the ECS curriculum map and unit plans
  • Cultivate student agency and lead in taking an integrated,  hands-on approach to teaching through the makerspace, building and managing projects, on campus and on online platforms
  • Work closely with students to ideate, prototype and present projects
  • Carefully monitor student progress, provide student feedback and make necessary adjustments to optimize learning
  • Coordinate with school staff and outside partners to create makerspace-related programming and develop the makerspace as a resource for STEM learning
  • Co-plan and implement regular field trips and real-world learning opportunities
  • Coach and strengthen teachers’ understanding of ECS/Science content and help them develop more effective instruction and assessment
  • Maintain a safe, well-maintained learning environment with resources and tools organized appropriately
  • Relate science to the following 10 areas
    • AI
    • Material Science & Engineering
    • Space
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Computer Graphics and User Interface Design
    • Science and Data Acquisition
    • Project Management
    • Robotics and Control Technology
    • Internet of Things and Digital Media Literacy
    • Data Modeling and Simulation

Communication & Community

  • Communicate regularly with families as partners in their children’s education
  • Organize Makerspace events and workshops
  • Be an exemplary model to students by arriving to school on time, being prepared to teach and consistently reflecting our school values and Positive Education approach
  • Maintain strong cordial communication lines with colleagues and regularly collaborate
  • Foster, facilitate, and participate in student-centered discussions
  • Help create a positive, collaborative work environment
  • Attend and contribute during all professional development and staff meetings


  • Maintain up-to-date documentation of student progress, including regular informal observations, running records and quarterly reports
  • Lead the team in the development of curriculum mapping and actively support colleagues in their own documentation
  • Collect data and track innovation growth. Data might consist of qualitative project examples and specific feedback from teachers, students, and families. Meet with leadership team at least three times a year to share data on innovation growth and solicit feedback for continued progress
  • Participate in the formation of the school’s strategic development
  • Perform clerical duties, as required

Key Requirements:

Knowledge, Abilities, Strengths, and Interests

  • Knowledge of:
    • Grades 1-6 science and its everyday life application
    • Different science / maker programs for Grades 1-6
    • Familiarity with NGSS and US Common Core Standards for Grades 1-6
    • Child growth and development
    • Current STEM trends, research and best practices
    • Differentiation and how to support a wide range of learner profiles
    • Deep and broad understanding of STEM content, including specialized knowledge required for teaching and pedagogy
    • Skills for working with adult learners
  • Ability to:
    • Create a positive and engaging learning environment
    • Motivate students, colleagues and key stakeholders
    • Employ varied teaching methods
    • Teach mixed-age or mixed-grade classes
    • Plan, establish priorities and implement learning tasks for maximum effectiveness
    • Confidently and competently communicate with students, parents and other stakeholders verbally and in writing
    • Use a range of assessments to gauge student achievement and analyze results to devise ways to improve
    • Work effectively with peers, administrators and others
    • Handle problems and concerns with sensitivity and tact
    • Respect and value unique perspectives, experiences and personalities to build relationships
    • Use and help others use effective instructional and assessment practices
  • Personal Attributes:
    • Organized and efficient
    • Critical and creative thinker with a growth mindset
    • Inter-culturally sensitive with well-developed interpersonal skills
    • Approachable and positive
    • Innovative, flexible and receptive to feedback
    • Comfortable working and flourishing in an ever-changing environment
    • Self-starter, proactive and an active learner
  • Interested in:
    • Technology
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Hands-on learning
    • Positive education
    • Multiculturalism
    • Professional development
    • Collaboration

Required Qualifications

  • Current teaching certification or licensure (e.g. Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate in Education) 
  • Minimum three years of documented classroom (or similar) teaching experience
  • Bachelor degree in Science or related discipline
  • Native fluency in English
  • Demonstrated academic excellence
  • Satisfactory criminal background check

Preferred Qualifications

  • M.A. or M.Ed.
    • Science specialist certification or a Master’s Degree
    • Chinese language proficiency
  • Experience teaching PYP, project-based learning, Reggio Emilia or similar programs
  • Experience with developing and managing makerspaces and STEM / STEAM experience

Qualified candidates will be remunerated with a competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

To apply, please email your cover letter, resume, and educational philosophy to

Optional: please create a 2-minute video answering the following questions:

  1. What makes you passionate about teaching the next generation of students?
  2. Give an example of how you have implemented project-based learning and/or demonstrated innovation in your practice.
  3. In 3 words, describe how one of your current / former students would describe you.
  4. Tell us something cool about yourself that reflects your personality!

Personal information will be used for recruitment purposes only. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  Successful candidates will be expected to begin by August 2023.