Our school prioritizes the mindsets and skills of adaptable innovators, and equip students with at least two world languages, self-agency, global competence, and the desire to contribute. Read unique insights from our exceptional faculty to learn more about how the Bloom approach is different.

Top 7 Positive Parenting Tips
Positive parenting is about creating healthy relationships between parents and children and it involves different acts of parenting - caring, leading, teaching, communicating, and providing for the needs of a child consistently so as to enable a child to fully develop and flourish.
Renée Boey
Founder and Head of School
3 tips to help your early reader flourish
Reading is so powerful and opens up doors we never even imagined existed. Every child has a beautiful brain and a mind of their own; encourage them to use it!
Rebecca Bush
Former Director of Literacy and Learning Support
Failure a must in future-ready STEM education
Learning at this stage should be explorational in nature. If students in Primary school are not allowed to ‘fail’ in their learning, then when can they fail?
Mei Chen
Head of STEM and ECS Program
Advice for parents from a super mom
To me, keeping the spark that kindles deep interest and real engagement with learning is most important in raising a child.
Yvette Ho
Co-Founder and Executive Director
A different way to teach numeracy
So how do I teach numeracy differently? Dare I say… I teach it with the forbidden ‘F’ word in mind: I want my students to have fun.
Megan Kwan-Nixon
Former Bloom Teacher
Building resilience through forest education
In a forest school program, students will go out in nature at least once a week and participate in a range of activities from across the primary school curriculum. Any subject can be taught outdoors!
Erica Lee
Former Primary Coordinator
What students learn by taking apart toys
Their learning is observable, tangible, and relevant to their everyday life because we all learn best through context, stories, and doing.
How students really learn Chinese
Children learn a language not by following explicit instructions, but by having long immersion in the target language.
Jing Zhang
Kindergarten Chinese Teacher