Why Bloom

Why Bloom

We are a future-oriented school that goes above and beyond for the things that matter, whether it is finding the best teachers who are capable and caring or designing an exceptional project-based innovation program.

While no one can predict the future, we now know a great deal about how to prepare children well for the future. Pioneering schools, educational leaders and researchers, governments around the globe have investigated and implemented new ways of running schools - successful models exist and we have studied them.

But how do we take all of that and apply it to Hong Kong, and how do we take advantage of this city’s unique strengths and culture?

This is why Bloom KKCA Academy is one-of-a-kind. Our mission is to ignite and nurture our students’ deepest potential to blossom into compassionate creators and social innovators.

1. We are a future-wise school

Designed by educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers, Bloom KKCA Academy is built with an eye toward the future. We prioritize the mindsets and skills of adaptable innovators, and equip students with at least two world languages, self-agency, global competence, and the desire to contribute. But a truly future-wise school is also grounded in the wisdom of the past and we respect the indispensable role of the arts and humanities, of community values and traditions. Our students study moral philosophy, history, art, and the classics in both languages to develop a more cultured, sophisticated and human-centered lens as they step into the future.

2. We have outstanding teachers who teach differently

From a NASA engineer who teaches students to design their own experiments to a reading specialist with more than 1,000 hours of training ensuring that we have a top-notch literacy program, Bloom teachers are masters of their subjects as well as leaders of pedagogical innovation. They have high expectations and guide each student’s learning journey.

3. We are bilingual and multicultural

Being bilingual, multicultural is part of our DNA but this is expressed in unique ways. We integrate both Chinese and English into different subjects from math to art as well as our daily campfires, projects, and field trips. Our students work in two languages to develop applied fluency and we also draw from innovation practices from the East as well as the West. Our bilingual program focuses not only on guiding students to become bilingual and biliterate, but just as importantly, we focus on the multicultural world we live in to appreciate differences and to find unity in diversity. In addition to the diversity among our staff and students, we make the most of the multilingual and multicultural aspects of our city of Hong Kong to give meaningful context to language learning and usage.

4. We offer a world-class STEM education

How will your child cope with AI that knows them better than they may know themselves? How do we leverage tech to teach better but retain a human-centered education? Designed by a team of experienced STEM educators and incorporating excellent principles and practices from leading STEM schools and ISTE, the gold standard for educational technology, we integrate design thinking, ed tech, and STEM into the learning experience so that it becomes a powerful way of thinking and problem-solving. Our STEM approach also prepares students to be mindful of their own relationships with technology, to work responsibly with technology and to become creative digital citizens who harness the power of STEM to benefit our society and planet.

5. We are designed for deep and personalized learning

Each child blooms in their own way. We offer Learner Portfolios to track individual progress, flexible grouping, dual-pathway for languages, choice in personal projects, low student to teacher ratios, learning support staff and resources, enrichment opportunities for a wide range of interests, and teachers who care about each child.

Our curriculum teaches students to think and to learn. With so much information available, students need guides to curate knowledge. We have experts developing our curriculum so that students delve into what is most vital within each field. While the curriculum is fresh, it is based upon well-established international and local standards such as Next Generation Science Standards. Beyond passive recall, we push our students to actively forge questions and connections of their own, to critically examine facts and ideas, to apply their learning and reflect so they are aware of their own process of learning.

6. We prepare students for academic and career success

With a commitment to real-world learning and industry application, Bloom KKCA Academy lays the foundation of lifelong academic and career success. Our culture and curriculum develop resilience, knowledge mastery, intellectual vitality and a sense of purpose valued by top universities and companies. Our ECS curriculum offers students extensive experience creating projects and portfolios, giving them the ability to express their unique strengths, passions, and initiative to universities and future employers as well as the entrepreneurial mindset to forge their own paths.

7. We are a close-knit, nurturing, positive community

This is an intentionally small school. We want to provide a sense of community and belonging to our students to give them a safe place to form friendships, take risks, fail and learn. Being small means if something isn’t working, we can fix it quickly. As a community that embraces Positive Education, each staff member strives to share their character strengths and model a life with positive relationships and well-being.