Our Team

Passionate about changing education

What Unites Our Team

Our founding team shares an intense passion for changing the way education prepares students for the future. We have led academic programs at top local and international schools on five continents, and we are excited to bring those diverse perspectives to building Bloom KKCA Academy.

Our Team

Catriona Woodward

Director of Community and Partnerships

Catriona is a passionate educator, committed to creativity, innovation and learning through the world around us. She started her career as an educator in the UK, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Plymouth and her PGCE from Goldsmiths, University of London. Since then, Catriona has held a number of leadership positions in school start-ups in both London and Hong Kong, acting as an integral part of these founding teams.

Catriona is a Level 1 qualified Forest-Beach school practitioner and has studied and trained teachers in the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Before joining Bloom, she most recently served as the Assistant Principal at Malvern College Pre-School, starting up the school from scratch in 2019 and supporting teachers and parents in understanding the importance of connecting children with the natural world around them. At Bloom, Catriona serves as the Director of Community and Partnerships, where she focuses on building the Bloom community of students, parents, teachers, supporters, and external partners.

Catriona's interest in innovation and change in education has allowed her to become a part of a global network of changemakers, who meet regularly to discuss best practice in a range of educational fields. She is an Ambassador for HundrEd, a global education non profit whose mission is to improve education through impactful innovations. She has been invited to speak and run workshops for practitioners at a range of conferences around the world on topics such as wellness in education, empathy based leadership, nature based learning and the links between creativity and education.

Catriona is a creative at heart and has researched the link between creativity and education at length. She is a practicing ceramicist and film photographer and has a home studio on Lamma Island, where she runs a number of workshops to teach creativity using the natural world.

Connie Yin

Chinese Teacher

Connie’s passion in language and literature leads her to various areas, from advertising to translation studies, and eventually to bilingual education. She has taught in private bilingual schools, ESF schools and other international schools in Hong Kong, with curriculum experiences over Chinese immersion, IB PYP Chinese and Chinese as a foreign language. Connie holds a MA in Translation from Hong Kong Baptist University and a MED from The University of Hong Kong. She also finishes her PGDE from Education University of Hong Kong, where she is trained in special needs education with a focus on supporting students with challenges in Chinese reading and writing. She is experienced in one-on-one and small group learning support, as well as classroom lead teaching for all Primary grade levels.

With a firm belief that students’ well-being is the foundation of education, Connie is dedicated to research and design engaging Chinese lessons with appropriate differentiation strategies. She has also applied her training from art and music therapy to help channeling students’ emotions, and actively integrated multi-sensory and multimedia tools in her classes to motivate learning. In her spare time, Connie enjoys books and movies, hiking and cycling. She is looking forward to taking her students to the bigger classroom outside — parks and trails, art venues and local communities — to experience and explore the beauty and creativity shaped by languages and culture.

Teresa Lee


Teresa Lee is a professionally trained counselor who focuses on children and young adolescent development.

Teresa is responsible for the social-emotional development and psychological wellbeing of students. She works closely with the learning support team at Bloom to help students acquire the skills needed to cope with stress and embrace adversity as opportunity for growth, and develop true grit and resilience when navigating an increasingly complex world.

A Singaporean Shanghainese American by birth, Teresa moved to Hong Kong at a young age when her father took up a teaching position as one of the first professors at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Having lived and studied in multiple countries and under different education systems, including American local and Hong Kong international schools, Teresa has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by third culture kids, and appreciates the importance of being able to adapt to and thrive in changes.

Teresa holds two Masters degrees in Counseling  and Psychology from Monash University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) respectively. She has experience in working with children with and without special education needs from pre-nursery to primary levels. She graduated from the University of California – Los Angeles with a BA in History, and went on to obtain a Juris Doctor degree from CUHK. Prior to becoming a counselor, she worked in one of the leading matrimonial and family law firms in Hong Kong for seven years.

In her spare time, Teresa enjoys reading, going on trail rides and receiving private therapy from her mini Shiba Inu (dog) named Norii.