Primary Program

Primary Program

Learning at Bloom KKCA Academy is about engagement and connection, responding to the individual strengths and needs of each student, and growing together in a supportive environment.

Bilingualism and Dual Language Pathways

Our dual language program thoughtfully balances positive education with the academic demands of becoming biliterate in Chinese (simplified characters) and English. The 50 / 50 split reinforces our respect for all cultures and communities and gives our students ample opportunity to function comfortably, competently, and confidently in both languages.

In the Chinese Language Arts classrooms, the primary focus is on developing language proficiency. Our emphasis on language proficiency enables our students to engage in increasingly sophisticated content learning in Chinese across all classes: Math, ECS Unit, Campfire, Movement, and Arts. Each grade level has a unique blend of Chinese and English across the subjects, based on the science behind the language acquisition process and child development.

Our unique dual language program incorporates dual pathways, giving learners and their families options in the journey towards becoming bilingual. Students in both pathways focus on building language proficiency in order to think, create, and communicate in Chinese and English. The key difference between our two pathways is the emphasis the Chinese-focused one places on learning to read and write a wider range of characters.

Care, Think, Act

Care, Think, Act underpins everything we do, in and out of the classroom and with every member of our community. Students learn to care deeply about themselves, about their community, about the world around them. They’ll have the mindsets, skills, and knowledge to think through any problem they face, and then they’ll be able to act in service of others. This common language unites us and guides the way we greet prospective families, resolve conflicts on the playground, approach learning experiences, and everything in between. Our Community Code is our daily reminder that, “We promise to do our best to care, think, and act.”

ECS Design Cycle

Bloom KKCA Academy’s curriculum has an eye towards the future, and design thinking is paramount to enacting the change necessary to build a brighter tomorrow. Our unique Explore, Create, Share (ECS) Design Cycle is the foundation of the innovative, project-based learning portion of our program. Pulling from the best design thinking and engineering method models, our ECS Design Cycle guides our learners through the process of exploring the knowledge and the context for the real world problem they will define, and the product of change they will create and share. This reiterative process is underpinned by Reflect, which grounds our exploring, creating, and sharing.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is used in over 1,800 schools across 90 countries and is defined by a progressive pedagogy. Bloom chose the IPC to offer a rich and evidence-based curriculum framework for our project-based learning, and we tailor the IPC for Hong Kong students and to provide a real-world context for learning.

The IPC is committed to holistic development with a clear process of learning, specific subject goals, a focus on international-mindedness, and thematic inquiry spanning 9 subjects. It beautifully complements our ECS program in preparing students for 21st-century opportunities.

Each quarter, learners dive into a different ECS Unit, exploring essential understandings that draw from the International Primary Curriculum, such as the solar system or the Middle Ages. As their skills and knowledge grow, students work collaboratively to define a real world problem that resonates with them. They then create a product of change that addresses the defined problem. In first grade, for example, students work with their peers to identify different emotions that are regularly experienced throughout the school day, and then create a new item to add to the calming Forest Corner in each classroom. As students move through the primary program and their understanding of the ECS Design Cycle develops, the projects become more student-directed, bringing the student closer and closer to the role of project manager.

Big Ideas

We provide our students a rich, authentic, and rigorous curriculum through the lens of meaningful experience, dialogue, and real world learning. We continually seek new ways to challenge and inspire our students, and encourage them to ask questions, deepen their understanding, think critically, and explore what matters. Our ECS Big Ideas and Care Big Ideas combine together to outline the innovative, project-based learning portion of our program.


Traditional content areas are still relevant in education, to some extent, but Bloom KKCA Academy thinks innovatively in order to tear down the unnecessary, artificial divides and fully integrate learning. The world needs creative, compassionate individuals who can work collaboratively to solve any problem, regardless of the traditional content knowledge and skills required and our innovative approach to STEAM allows our students to do just that. Learn more about it here.