Aly Trezise - Our Team

Aly Trezise

Director of Creativity and Innovation

Aly is a global leader of the Maker Movement in international schools around the world. As co-founder of the Global Innovative Schools Network, Aly has set up makerspaces in schools from Hong Kong and Guangzhou to Malaysia, Tanzania, and the UK. She is a regular speaker at international conferences, such as the 21st Century Learning Conference, the Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference and the Asia Region Workshop for Arts Educators. Aly is known for opening dialogue on Ethical Design, Sustainable Innovation in sSchools and tThe “A” in STEAM.

Aly joins Bloom as its inaugural Director of Creativity and Innovation and leads its unique Explore, Create, and Share projects-based learning curriculum. In preparing Bloom students for a future-ready world, Aly applies Stanford University’s model of Design Thinking to innovate and instigate Bloom’s maker culture. Before joining Bloom, Aly was the Leader for Making and Innovation at the Canadian International School in Hong Kong for seven years. Originally from Australia, Aly holds two BAs in Visual Arts and Arts Education and an MA in Sustainable Design from the University of South Australia, as well as Certificates in Digital Learning and Educational Technologies from the State University of New York.