Ling Chan - Our Team

Ling Chan

Chinese Teacher

Ling majored in Chinese Language and Literature and has been teaching Chinese for a number of years. Her career experience has been unforgettable and full of laughter, no matter being the Chinese class teacher in a bilingual kindergarten or the Mandarin instructor for a five-star hotel training section.

Ling began teaching students the IB and IGCSE Chinese curriculum nine years ago. Her students are all studious and have attained grades 6 and 7 in IB examinations. She enjoyed teaching Chinese as well as accompanying the children, and would teach them to sign and read prose in Chinese beyond daily classes, so as to allow students to grasp the essence and magnificence of Chinese sentences through the songs’ rhythms and lyrics, as well as to experience the beauty of the scenes depicted by the prose by reading them out. Ling's students have won champions and 1st runner ups in Hong Kong Schools Speech Festivals, and she is wild with joy whenever she finds her students are learning Chinese with enthusiasm and motivation. She is fond of signing, listening to music, reading and making pan-fried buns too.


Connie Yin

Chinese Teacher

Connie’s passion in language and literature leads her to various areas, from advertising to translation studies, and eventually to bilingual education. She has taught in private bilingual schools, ESF schools and other international schools in Hong Kong, with curriculum experiences over Chinese immersion, IB PYP Chinese and Chinese as a foreign language. Connie holds a MA in Translation from Hong Kong Baptist University and a MED from The University of Hong Kong. She also finishes her PGDE from Education University of Hong Kong, where she is trained in special needs education with a focus on supporting students with challenges in Chinese reading and writing. She is experienced in one-on-one and small group learning support, as well as classroom lead teaching for all Primary grade levels.

With a firm belief that students’ well-being is the foundation of education, Connie is dedicated to research and design engaging Chinese lessons with appropriate differentiation strategies. She has also applied her training from art and music therapy to help channeling students’ emotions, and actively integrated multi-sensory and multimedia tools in her classes to motivate learning. In her spare time, Connie enjoys books and movies, hiking and cycling. She is looking forward to taking her students to the bigger classroom outside — parks and trails, art venues and local communities — to experience and explore the beauty and creativity shaped by languages and culture.