Lucy Galloway - Our Team

Lucy Galloway

Primary Teacher

Lucy was born and raised in Canada but moved to Beijing and Malaysia as a teenager. Growing up in a family of teachers, she became interested in becoming a teacher herself from a young age. She studied at Nottingham University Malaysia where she obtained a First Class Honors in a Bachelor of Education degree.

Lucy believes all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially -- in their own time and through differentiated teaching and learning. While education should be borderless, teaching and learning should not only be confined to the classroom but also involve learning outdoors and within the community. Ideally, students should develop an excitement and purpose for learning. Lucy aims to cultivate this type of atmosphere where students can reach their fullest potential through project-based learning with an opportunity for cross-curricular and deeper learning.

Lucy is committed to caring for students as individuals and inspiring in them the love for learning. She strives to provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks; where students will learn from mistakes and more importantly, not be afraid to make mistakes but to consider them as steps along the path to learning. She believes in the importance of making every student feel welcomed and secure in her classroom so that they can become their best selves in this inclusive setting.

In her leisure, Lucy is interested in textiles, visual art, cooking and multiple sports – hardly surprising given that she was once the captain for her football first team, and played in the first team for basketball and volleyball!


Sian Evans

Academic Coordinator

Sian brings a wealth of educational training and experience to Bloom KKCA Academy. She gained a Bachelor of Education (Honors) degree from The University of Wales, a Certification of Professional Teaching with a major in International Education from British Columbia College of Teachers in Canada, and National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership from Edge Hill University, Liverpool, UK.

Sian has held prominent leadership positions in prestigious international schools, including the Head of the Pre-Prep School at The King's School Canterbury in Shenzhen, China, Head of Prep School at Harrow International School in Shanghai, and Head of Prep School at Epsom College in Malaysia. At each school, she introduced important programs such as Forest School and a literacy program at Kings', and the Years 4 to 6 boarding program and the Intensive English Language Programme at Epsom. At Harrow International, she was also appointed the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Head of Pastoral where she ensured a supportive environment that prioritized student well-being and growth.

Sian demonstrates her passion for creating a holistic learning experience for students by coaching an array of sports and enrichment activities to promote all-rounded development. She has guided teachers through interdisciplinary curriculum coordination and enhancement with the goal of creating more opportunities for students to become discoverers, risk-takers, and grounded individuals with integrity.

Sian embraces an innovative approach to educating our youth and brings her vast experience and dedication to help our students blossom intellectually, physically, and personally to become confident contributors to our community locally and further afield.

Joshua Galloway

Primary Teacher

Joshua grew up in England before moving to Malaysia for university. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing and later obtained his Bachelor of Education at Nottingham University Malaysia.

Joshua understands the importance of foundational skills in learning and teaching. He believes these skills should be taught in a systematic and consistent manner so that students can harness the diverse benefits that different learning opportunities can offer. A strong believer in personalised learning, Joshua does differentiation in his planning, teaching and assessment attuned to the particular needs of each individual student. He also believes in guiding students to discover their own results through trial and error, thereby enhancing their self-motivation, self-discipline, and self-satisfaction and self-confidence when they eventually achieve their goals.

Joshua adopts a varied hands-on, innovative approach to teaching and learning: while he may invite experts for classroom sharing, he often extends his teaching beyond the classroom setting by leading them on various field trips. He is familiar with using project-based learning within a cross-curricular curriculum that allows children to work independently or collaboratively with one another in the classroom.

Joshua is passionate about fostering love and excitement for learning in his students so that they can reach their fullest potential in academics and as human beings.