Sian Evans - Our Team

Sian Evans

Academic Coordinator

Sian brings a wealth of educational training and experience to Bloom KKCA Academy. She gained a Bachelor of Education (Honors) degree from The University of Wales, a Certification of Professional Teaching with a major in International Education from British Columbia College of Teachers in Canada, and National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership from Edge Hill University, Liverpool, UK.

Sian has held prominent leadership positions in prestigious international schools, including the Head of the Pre-Prep School at The King's School Canterbury in Shenzhen, China, Head of Prep School at Harrow International School in Shanghai, and Head of Prep School at Epsom College in Malaysia. At each school, she introduced important programs such as Forest School and a literacy program at Kings', and the Years 4 to 6 boarding program and the Intensive English Language Programme at Epsom. At Harrow International, she was also appointed the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Head of Pastoral where she ensured a supportive environment that prioritized student well-being and growth.

Sian demonstrates her passion for creating a holistic learning experience for students by coaching an array of sports and enrichment activities to promote all-rounded development. She has guided teachers through interdisciplinary curriculum coordination and enhancement with the goal of creating more opportunities for students to become discoverers, risk-takers, and grounded individuals with integrity.

Sian embraces an innovative approach to educating our youth and brings her vast experience and dedication to help our students blossom intellectually, physically, and personally to become confident contributors to our community locally and further afield.


Joyce Cowden

Director of Admissions and Marketing

As someone who brings a balanced outlook to life, Joyce appreciates Bloom’s unique bilingual, global, and holistic approach to education. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford. After starting her career as a Management Consultant working with Fortune 500 companies in South East Asia, she was drawn to education and chose to enter the field by working at Battelle for Kids, a US-based non-profit organization that helps education leaders and teachers transform school systems and improve learning outcomes for students. Joyce helped teachers in Hong Kong apply Assessment for Learning strategies to set learning objectives, offer timely feedback and use assessment data to inform instruction in classroom. She worked with over 2,000 teachers and principals from primary, secondary and special education schools in Hong Kong.

Joyce’s passion for working with young people and expanding their opportunities led her to become the Head of University Abroad Programs in EF (Education First). She and her team helped hundreds of students and their families every year from Hong Kong to make decisions about which international pathways were suited for them individually and supported their learning placements overseas.

Joyce later joined Modern Teaching Aids (MTA), a leading Australian educational resource provider, as their sole representative in Hong Kong. Within two years, Joyce helped over 400 local, private and international schools source suitable furniture and resources for their campuses. Joyce worked closely with different principals and curriculum teams to facilitate flexible learning environments and identify educational resources to enable best practices for 21st-century teaching and learning. She then worked for K11 Concepts Limited, a leading conglomerate in Hong Kong, to start an educational resource department with a similar purpose.

Joyce embraces Bloom’s future-centered vision for cultivating positive innovators. She believes Bloom’s creative, bilingual approach is particularly timely for students in this period of rapid change. She hopes to contribute to the community by helping more families learn about Bloom and by adding more like-minded parents who seek sincerity, quality, and innovation in their children’s education.

Outside of work, Joyce loves exercise, travel and sharing her optimistic outlook with her all those around her, including her daughter.