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Erica Lee

Primary Teacher

Erica Lee has always been passionate about education. At the age of eleven, Erica became interested in amateur dramatics and joined a local group in her British hometown. She was aware of the confidence that Drama classes gave her and wanted to pay it forward to other children.

Erica studied Psychology and Drama at Hofstra University before returning to the United Kingdom to study Theatre at the University of Ulster. She focused on Drama in Education, Community Drama and Drama Therapy before moving to Hong Kong in 2002.

Erica has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Education with the University of Hong Kong, an IB Certificate in PYP Teaching and Learning with the State University of California and a Master of Early Childhood Education with the Education University of Hong Kong. Erica has worked in both local and international schools, with her most recent post being at the Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF) where she worked for four years as the Assistant Grade Level Head and Class Teacher for Foundation Year. She also worked as Divisional Head of International Stream for K1-G5 at Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten for many years.

Erica has a keen interest in the benefits of outdoor education and can often be found hiking through Hong Kong’s many beautiful forests or resting by a stream with her four children. She is eager to share this knowledge and passion with other families and is currently completing her Level 3 Forest School Leadership Training.