Erica Lee - Our Team

Erica Lee

Former Primary Coordinator

Mrs. Lee對教育一向充滿熱情。11歲時,Mrs. Lee就已經開始對業餘戲劇感興趣並參加了在英國家鄉的地方劇社。她意識到戲劇課給她帶來的信心,她決心要繼續表演給其他的孩子們。

Mrs. Lee在霍夫特拉大學學習了心理學和戲劇,在2002年移到香港之前,她專心致力於戲劇方面的教育,社區戲劇和戲劇療法。

Mrs. Lee完成了香港大學初等教育的碩士文憑學習,加州州立大學的IB小學教與學文憑,以及香港大學教育學院的早期兒童教育碩士。Mrs. Lee曾在本地和國際學校就職,最近的一個職位時在隊裏學校基金會,她作為年級副主任和基金年班主任,在那裏工作了四年。她也曾在香港崇真小學和幼兒園國際部(幼兒園一年級到小學五年級)擔任過部門領導。

Mrs. Lee對戶外活動教育的好處非常感興趣,我們常常可以在香港的許多美麗的森林裏看到她和四個孩子的身影。


Heather Gibbs

Literacy Coordinator

Heather Gibbs, originally from Long Island, New York has called Asia home for the last 14 years.  After graduating with honors from City University of New York, Brooklyn College, she spent 4 years in Thailand teaching primary students before settling in Hong Kong which she has called home for the last decade.  When she is not teaching, Heather can be found disappearing into a good book, eating Thai food, doing yoga or playing at the beach with her husband, her 4 year old daughter and her dog.

Heather believes strongly in being a life-long learner and continues to remain a dedicated student of education in addition to being a teacher. Heather has completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education from University of Nottingham, a Post Graduate Certificate in Early Years Education and a Master’s Degree in International Education from the University of Sunderland.

Over the course of her career, she has developed a holistic approach to education which is no doubt a reflection of her experience in the leading curriculums present in Hong Kong and international education.  She has worked and trained as a certified IB teacher within The Carmel School of Hong Kong and the Victoria Educational Organisation, a Common Core teacher within the American Common Core system and trained as a Project Based Learning Leader at the American International School of Hong Kong where she worked as the Early Years and Elementary School Literacy Chair.  Heather believes strongly in a student-centered approach to education which focuses on empowerment, agency and nurturing what intrinsically motivates students so a life-long love of learning can be created.

Heather is thrilled to be joining Bloom Academy as the Literacy Coordinator and cannot wait to share her passion and love of stories, reading and writing with Bloom KKCA Academy.