Bloom Social Entrepreneurial Program

Bloom Social Entrepreneurial Program

Feeling excited about your capacity, your own role in society, and in the broader world itself is an intoxicating experience.

Muhammad Yunus

Cultivating social innovators through real-world projects and outreach programs, this program will raise students’ awareness about local and global issues and help them gradually find ones that are close to their heart. Students are encouraged to apply design thinking to identify problems that they want to tackle creatively. Best practices of successful social enterprises and social innovators will be examined and incorporated into their own projects and enterprises. Through these projects, students will drive their own initiatives to make a positive social impact and learn to empathize with the needs of others as well as serve their community.

The program includes community outreach experiences that offer wider exposure to social and environmental challenges and to ways that entrepreneurial thinking can help solve them. From visiting an elderly home, mentoring younger children to designing a green product, students will learn to take the first steps towards becoming a changemaker.

Students will learn to

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  • Care about social justice, poverty, hunger, health care, and other social problems
  • Understand and appreciate how their own advantages and opportunities can be applied to improve the wellbeing of others
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  • Think with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Learn to look for opportunities where others see problems to discover new solutions
  • Solve problems in interdisciplinary ways
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  • Serve the local community
  • Actively collaborate with community-based organizations on service projects

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