Farm to Table Program

Farm to Table Program

We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us.

Jenny Uglow

Awakening all five senses, this program teaches students to grow and prepare their own food and connect directly with local producers. It not only introduces them to taking responsibility for their own health, but also teaches them basic skills of cooking as well as setting up a table and cleaning up – every parent’s dream. They will learn about practical food safety, nutrition, agriculture and fishery, urban farming, culinary and botanical science, and importantly nowadays, social etiquette. The fun-filled experiments cooking recipes from local to international cuisine will stimulate their palettes as much as their minds . Through this comprehensive culinary program, we hope to initiate a lifelong awareness about sustainable farming and how their food choices impact their health, environment, and community.

Students will learn to

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  • Care about organic food, healthy nutrition for all, and the challenges of agriculture and food economics
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  • Understand what's on their plate and where it comes form
  • Think like a sustainable farmer and responsible chef
  • Appreciate food and the cuisine as preservers of culture
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  • Make healthy food choices
  • Support sustainable and local farming

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