Forest Adventure Program

Forest Adventure Program

There is no wifi in the forest but you will find a better connection.


Our child-centered program takes place both on campus and in the great outdoors to give children the space, freedom and skills for self-discovery. It fosters awareness of natural surroundings – tactile play in the forest, river and on the rocks - and it supports risk-taking and outdoor survival skills. Learning through actual hands-on experience in a forest cultivates powers of observation, independence, and social, physical, and mental well-being not found in classrooms.

Students will learn to

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  • Appreciate and care for our environment, themselves and others
  • Lay deep roots for a lifelong love of nature
  • Enhance their resilience, character, and self-confidence
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  • Acquire a sustainability mindset
  • Better understand our ecological impact and relationship with nature
  • Navigate, explore and solve problems in harmony with our surroundings
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  • Behave responsibly in nature
  • Perform confidently and embrace challenges methodically through training in teamwork and leadership

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